Brand : Metamorphosis by Tracy

Tracy Anderson – Metamorphosis by Tracy – Omnicentric – 4 DVD Set


Unlike other one-size-fits-all workout programs, Tracy Anderson’s method is designed specifically for your body type to help you redesign your body and finally achieve your weight loss goals. Tracy understands that not all women are built the same and all have different problem areas, which is why she was inspired to create Metamorphosis and design a program that’s tailored just for you. Together with Tracy, you will work your accessory muscles, burn calories and reveal the best body you’ve ever had! Perfection Is Possible! Body Types: Metamorphosis By TracyTM – Omnicentric – If you gain weight all over your body or you are none of the above and just want to get in amazing shape. Metamorphosis By TracyTM – Abcentric – If you gain weight in the mid-section, have a thick waist or identify with an apple shape. Metamorphosis By TracyTM – Hipcentric – If you have a small waist with big hips and thighs and identify with the classic pear shape. Metamorphosis By TracyTM – Glutecentric – If you have a droopy, shapeless behind.


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