The Ancestral Table: Traditional Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle


Critically-acclaimed food blogger Russ Crandall presents over 100 classic and traditional recipes for a gluten-free, whole foods lifestyle. Beautifully photographed and tirelessly researched, “The Ancestral Table” will provide you with the tools to approach cuisine in a way that is healthful without sacrificing taste.

In “The Ancestral Table”, home chef and blogger Russ Crandall (who blogs at The Domestic Man) combs through the pages of history and refines a selection of beloved traditional recipes, redeveloping them to complement an ancestral lifestyle. This stunning cookbook features more than 100 recipes that will help experienced and budding chefs alike create classic, familiar, and overwhelmingly delicious feasts.

Humans have been cooking for thousands of years, taking small steps and great leaps in the culinary arts. In his book, Crandall delivers time-tested recipes that incorporate wholesome, rewarding, nutrient-rich ingredients. He demystifies daunting techniques and provides unexpected preparations for a number of familiar foods.

Inside, you’ll find American and international classics such as:

– Chicken-Fried Steak to rival Grandma’s recipe;

– timeless French Onion Soup;

– Bi Bim Bap with authentic, hassle-free Kimchi;

– an incomparable Teriyaki Sauce; and

– fragrant, satisfying Butter Chicken.

Perfectly crafted and masterfully researched, “The Ancestral Table” is a contemporary take on Paleo eating that is equally at home on your kitchen counter, in your book bag, or on your nightstand.


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