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Brand : Briland Brands

PaleoDetox – Parasite Detox & Natural Herbal Cleanse – Wormwood, Cranberry, Garlic, Black Walnut Hull and 12 More Natural Ingredients


Quickly and Easily Eliminate Parasites and Toxins From Your Body!

PaleoDetox is a safe, natural and effective way of cleansing your body of parasites and other toxins which may be causing health problems.

PaleoDetox is a SUPERBLEND of the most powerful parasite detox/cleanse ingredients on the market today!

Includes: Cranberry (antioxidant support), Garlic (antiparasitic/antihelminthic support), Apple Pectin (reduced caloric absorption support), Black Walnut Hull (anti-parasite and digestive support), Carrot Juice (digestive support), Papaya (tissue/cell repair support), Wormwood (anti-parasite support), Cloves (antioxidant/antibacterial support), Blueberry (enzyme support) and other nutrients.

These are time tested ingredients to support complete elimination of parasites from your body!

Your purchase is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel better after just 1 bottle of PaleoDetox, return it to Amazon for a refund! We are THAT confident of our formula. Try it now!


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