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7 Day Autoimmune Paleo Diet Plan-Change Your Diet To Heal Your Body

This diet is difficult-Sometimes the best things in life require some work and denial of self. An elimination diet is temporary and it gives you a window into your own body and what you need to eat for optimal health.

This book teaches us the basics of the autoimmune paleo protocol diet or AIP and provides a week-long sample meal plan based on the AIP food list. Useful tips, recipes and guidelines will help readers view the AIP diet as a major lifestyle change that can become therapeutic for the gut, which has become the cradle of debilitating autoimmune conditions.

In a nutshell, autoimmune disease is a state wherein the body’s immune system attacks itself and damages the lining of the intestines, thus allowing the passage of harmful bacteria and toxins. Vital organs and blood cells are damaged as a result of this self-attacking disorder.

Though science may claim that this debilitating disease is passed on through genetics, some studies have proven that problems within the immune system are a result of unhealthy habits involving daily activities such as exercise, sleep and nutrition.

This material will help us on our journey towards repairing our digestive tract and preventing autoimmune disease from taking over our lives. Moreover, with the AIP meal planning method, we can create long-term positive effects to our health by simply changing our food choices.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Autoimmune Paleo Diet 101: How Food Choices Affect the Body
  • Autoimmune Paleo Diet Food List
  • Day 1 of AIP Recipes
  • Day 2 of AIP Recipes
  • Day 3 of AIP Recipes
  • Day 4 of AIP Recipes
  • Day 5 of AIP Recipes
  • Day 6 of AIP Recipes
  • Day 6 of AIP Recipes
  • Eight Tips to Keep You on Track with The Autoimmune Paleo Diet
  • Much, much more!

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