Price : $28.97
Brand : LipoTrin

Lipotrin Carb Blocker and Fat Absorber (3 Bottle Pack) 180 Capsules


Lipotrin is a Multi-Action weight loss supplement that has been designed for individuals who do not require the extreme strength of Thermadrol but still need a quality product to assist them in their weight loss goals. Lipotrin is Designed as a: Thermogenic Fat Absorber Carb Blocker Energy Enhancer 13 Powerful Active Ingredients Contains a proprietary 700mg blend. Green Tea Extract Apple Cider Vinegar Chitosan Phaseolus Vulgaris Milk Thistle Siberian Ginseng Guarana Psyllium Husk Caffeine Anhydrous Choline Uva Ursi Ginger Root Chromium Picolinate Cayenne Powder


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