Ketogenic Diet: 35 Quick & Easy Recipes For Proven Weight Loss & Metabolism Boosting


Jump start your weight loss with the Ketogenic Diet!

The Ketogenic Diet revolutionizes how we think of weight loss. Compared to an emphasis on low-fat starvation diets of the past, we now know that fat is not a bad thing. In fact, our bodies need it. We have been attempting to go about losing weight completely wrong.

The Ketogenic Diet is a very low carb and higher fat diet, which emphasizes maintaining a ketosis state. The body will go into a ketosis state if it is deprived of carbs. Once the body is in ketosis and releasing ketones, it can effectively burn the fat and then weight loss occurs. This is why the Ketogenic is so effective. Most other diets will burn muscle, but this burns fat most effectively.

In her book, author Karen Baird shares 35 of her favorite ketogenic recipes including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks & appetizers, as well as delicious desserts. These are the exact recipes that she and her husband used on while on the Ketogenic diet. She credits these recipes as key to their success in losing 18 pounds and 50 pounds respectively- all in just 4 months.

She also shares what you can eat on the Ketogenic Diet, what foods you should avoid, and the proper ratio of fat/protein/carbs. Each of her recipes meet ketogenic guidelines and ratios, and her proven success is testament to these delicious recipes.

Pick up a copy today of her Ketogenic diet recipes, and jump-start your weight loss and healthy lifestyle!


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