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Hydroxatrim – Powerful, Fast Acting Diuretic – Gentle – All Natural Formula With Potassium – Reduce Bloating and Water Retention – 50 Capsules


The perfect combination of powerful natural diuretcs, aquaretics and electrolytes in Hydroxatrim is the optimal way to JUMPSTART your weight loss program. It will help you lose that little pouch on your abdomen so you can fit into your little black dress. It will help eliminate that PMS bloat that starts a week before your period and lasts a week after it finishes. Hydroxatrim addresses 4 key areas that will give you your firm, sleek and slimmer body back.

Eliminate excess fluid accumulation and water retention
Preserve and restore crucial electrolyte levels
Promote optimal bladder health
Helps prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections

Several key ingredients specifically chosen for Hydroxatrim act as aquaretics – promote elimination of water but preserve electrolytes. This means potassium will not be depleted and your bod will maintain optimal levels of the electrolyte. Hydroxatrim contains two natural diuretics to reduce further water retention; buchu leaf and green tea leaf extracts. The beneficial properties of buchu leaf have been used for centuries, to treat intestinal and urinary tract issues. It has been used as a diuretic for many years throughout history. Green tea extract, a powerful anti-oxidant, it gets its benefits from the flavinoid component, more specifically catechins. Not only does green tea boost metabolism, increase your fat burning potential but exerts an overall diuretic effect reducing the amount of fluid retained by your body. One clinical study found that you potentially lose 1.17ml of water for every mg of caffeine consumed from green tea.

Taraxacum officinale leaf extract, dandelion, is a potent diuretic. In one scientific study taraxacum was found to increase the frequency of urination a mere five hours after taking the dose. Dandelion extract is high in potassium. This helps counteract any potassium that may be lost due to increased urination.


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