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Dherbs 10 Day Full Body Cleanse Express


In just 10 days reclaim your health! The Dherbs 10-Day Full Body Cleanse Express will help you open the door to healing and weight loss. During The 10-Day Full Body Cleanse Express you will feel rejuvenated, energized, happier, and more focused. You body should begin to function more efficiently, and the state of your overall health should improve tremendously.   The 10-Day Full Body Cleanse Express gives you the ability to naturally help your body heal and detoxify itself. Most people lose between 5 to 15 pounds while cleansing. This is because cleansing is a process where you should expect to release harmful toxins, while generating positive energy, and helping to restore your body back to its natural state of wellness. The 10-Day Full Body Cleanse Express is easy, fun, effective, and fast.   What The Cleanse Consists Of     Full Body Cleanse Tea – Our Full Body Cleanse Tea contains plants that cleanse and purify the tissues and cells of the whole body. This is a great tea to enjoy with our cleanses and kits. This tea has beneficial purgative, pulmonary, expectorant, nephritic, and hepatic properties. It helps your body restore it’s optimal health. This tea can be consumed by everyone, from babies to elders. (20 tea bags)             (1) Blood and Lymphatic Formula – Good clean blood is a prerequisite optimal health therefore this formula contains plants that have been traditionally used to nourish and purify the blood and lymphatic fluids. Vegetarian capsules (50 capsules).           (2) Liver and Gallbladder Formula – A powerful formula which helps clean, heal, and strengthen both the liver and gallbladder


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