Price : $8.50
Brand : White Label Premium Herbs and Spices

Bentonite Clay Montmorillonite – 8oz ~ NATURAL FOOD GRADE POWDER ~ Internal and External Detoxification ~ White Label Premium Herbs & Spices (Montmorillinite)


The remarkable natural qualities of clays have long been appreciated worldwide and are used by humans and animals worldwide, every day. This highly purified bentonite is used extensively for personal care products and cosmetics. It is water-washed to remove impurities and lower any grit content. It meets the standards of the National Formulary for use in pharmaceutical preparations such as, acne lotions, medicinal skin creams, ointments, skin creams, salves, tablet binding, powder preparations, and much more. It is used in cosmetic preparations as a pigment binder and suspending agent. It is effective as a thickener in lotions, creams, liquid facial cleansers, anti-dandruff shampoos, body powders, deodorant sprays, deodorant sticks, and many others. It is an ingredient in detergents, fungicides, sprays, cleansers, polishes, ceramic, paper, cosmetics and applications requiring suspension and gellant properties.


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