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If you’re looking to lose weight and detoxify your body in a completely safe and natural way then you’ve found the right listing… Manasul Tea is a 100% natural and organic drink that eliminates fat and toxins from the body, helping you to lose weight and maintain a slim and youthful figure. It is produced using a plant called ‘Senna’, which is known for its ability to regulate intestinal functions, which in-turn eliminates fat and toxins safely from your system…Try it today risk free, with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee…Senna, which is a non bitter pod plant also named Cassia, is a yellow flowered shrub which can be found growing wild in Pakistan, India, China and parts of North Africa, where it has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. North Africans and people from Southwestern Asia used it as a laxative and it was considered a “cleansing” herb due to its liberating qualities. Additionally, the leaves were sometimes made into a paste and applied to various skin diseases. Ringworm and Acne were both treated in this way. Most Senna preparations have a bitter, slightly nauseating taste, however, Manasul Tea is specially blended and carefully prepared to insure that every cupful has a smooth, evenly balanced and very pleasant flavor. Manasul Tea is formulated to improve how the digestive system works, which in-turn detoxifies the body, causing it to lose weight. It is effective because the plant Senna contains Anthraquinone Glycosides, which are also known as Sennosides. These molecules are converted into Rhein-Anthrone by the normal bacteria in the colon, where Manasul’s first action is to stimulate colon activity by affecting the lining of the large intestine and thus speeding up bowel movements. Secondly, this initial activity increases the fluid secreted by the colon. These activities work together to get a sluggish, non-regular colon, functional and as regular as clockwork… TRY IT TODAY, RISK FREE!


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