Yin Yoga Mind Body Warrior DVD – Mark Laham


Flexibilty for MIND & BODY

Most Yoga techniques focus on stretching and stabilizing muscles, neglecting the layer of the body that connects it all together. Join innovative instructor, Mark Laham, as he leads you through his inventive approach to the ancient practice of Yoga. Introducing Yin Yoga routines designed to focus on the deep
connective tissues of the body, Mark Laham will guide you through relaxed floor postures that elongate the body and target the ligaments, bones and joints located in the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Highlighted Features:
-60 minute sequence focused on the Front Line
-60 minute sequence focused on the Back Line
-55 minute concentrated Hip Opening sequence
Bonus features: Includes all postures in slide show format,
allowing you to customize your own sequence.

Mark Laham has invested over 10 years exploring the traditional and non-traditional forms of strength training and the somatic discipline of bodywork. Mind Body Warrior integrates the knowledge and wisdom of both – a practice that strengthens and connects the body while calming and focusing the mind.


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