Weight Watcher: Lose 14LBS in 14Days New Skinny Slow Cooker Diet Recipes for a Simple Start: Recipes to Help Give You Your Weight Loss Breakthrough (Volume 1)


NOTE: This book is authored by Steve Collins, a weight watcher expert


Rise up and make your weight loss goal a reality. And I assure you that you can if you take the right choices.

The recipes in this book will help you on a long-term shed those unwanted pounds thereby going from “flab to fab fast” for good.

Need I remind you once again, if you’ve vowed to lose weight this year, chances are you’re off to a good start with losing 14LBS in 14Days of healthy eating.

“Wish I knew a way to turn my weight lose vision into reality”

You might have asked this question repeatedly. The solution is at your doorstep. Grab this opportunity and your problem will come to a halt after you have applied the instruction in this book.

WEIGHT WATCHER: Lose up to 14LBS in 14Days New Skinny Slow cooker Diet Plan for a Simple Start IS a collection of mouth-watering recipes that are low in calories, cholesterol, carb, sugar free and will turn your weight lose vision into reality.

However, if you are dead broke, crazy busy, or totally unmotivated. You shouldn’t panic because this book will get you on track.

……………………………..SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get into your kitchen and take control of your health!……………

Scroll up now and get your weight watcher cookbook (VOLUME 1), and make absolute sure you keep to the plan to achieve result.


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