Brand : Ever Living Herbs

Universal Mind Herbal & Roots Tonic 32 Oz.


HOLIDAY SALE!! Shipped directly from the manufacturer Essence of Vitality (EOV) Products are 100% all natural. Other benefits are: Flushes toxins and parasites from the body and organs, cleansing your blood, eliminating constipation, chronic migraines, upset stomach and inflammation while promoting weight loss, regulating hormonal imbalance, increasing alertness, endurance and stamina. These products are formulated to promote longer life and healthier living. Original formula TONICS: Universal Mind and Essence of Vitality products were founded by Mr. Harry Donkor and have been available worldwide since 1993. His research has taken him all over the world to find the highest quality raw ingredients. These tonics contain 100% all natural ingredients. The main ingredient is neem. Since ancient time the Neem Tree has been known as the “curer of all aliments”. Neem has traditionally been used to help maintain a healthy digestive, circulatory, respiratory and urinary systems. Neem possess anti diabetic, anti bacterial, and anti viral properties. The Neem Tree and several other supreme herbs that are excellent for resolving constipation and detoxifying the body by cleansing the body’s organs are used in the tonic. These products would truly benefit the health of all people who desire to be well as well as those traveling that may come in contact with bacteria, viruses or parasites that can be extremely harmful to their health.


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