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TruDerma Troxyphen


Low Testosterone and Excess Fat More and more men are finding it difficult, impossible even, to shed the excess body fat accumulating around their waist, chest, and thighs. No matter how hard you work out our diet, fat deposits persist, while lean muscle mass seems to be waning. Now science knows that this vicious cycle can be attributed to LOW TESTOSTERONE LEVELS. As men age their T levels begin a steady decline, resulting in more accumulated fat, which in turn slows Testosterone production even more. In spite of this widespread threat to men’s health, most physicians do not test for T levels in their obese male patients. If they did, millions of men would discover the culprit stopping them from achieving amazing results, is in fact, Low Testosterone. TROXYPHEN is a unique weight loss supplement designed to specifically address the underlying cause of male weight gain. By naturally and significantly increasing your base line Testosterone levels while simultaneously encouraging weight loss through thermogenic stimulation, TROXYPHEN has dual sided approach to blast belly fat, increase muscle mass, and improve your overall quality of life.


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