The Paleo Sweet Tooth: Featuring Devilishly Primal Desserts


Twenty of my absolute favorite desserts to satisfy your Paleo sweet tooth. Testing, tasting, re-making, re-testing, setting up and taking the perfect shot with the perfect background. All because I want you to be able to make these desserts and enjoy them thoroughly. I want you to feel, taste, and enjoy every little bit of guilty pleasure they evoke.

Each recipe is gluten free, dairy free, grain free, refined sugar free, egg free, cancer free, anthrax free…. and yet somehow still courageously delicious. These desserts can be served to anyone, not just we Paleo cave-people. Everybody will swoon over the desserts in this cookbook because I didn’t compromise taste. Each natural ingredient was chosen specifically to build a set of flavor profiles that belong together like lifelong friends.


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