SPICE: Over 90 Paleo and AIP Compliant Recipes


Stuck in a rut with your cooking on the autoimmune protocol? Craving curries, stir-fries and richly aromatic dishes? SPICE contains over 90 recipes to encourage you to become more adventurous with using herbs and spices in the kitchen on AIP. Each recipe is fully AIP-compliant, gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for paleo diets, too. As well as recipes for drinks, desserts, main meals, side dishes and snacks you’ll find information on individual herbs and spices and learn how to make an AIP-compliant curry of your own. There are also AIP versions of takeaway favourites such as Chinese Style Lemon Chicken, Lamb Dopiaza and Chip Shop Style Curry Sauce as well as AIP-compliant Naan Breads. Contains some of the popular dishes from the author’s Comfort Bites blog, but also over 60 brand new recipes, specially created for this ebook.


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