Brand : Island Vibrance

Pure Caralluma Fimbriata Extract-1000mg daily, 500mg per Capsule. First Choice Herb for Weight Loss, Weight Management, and Overall Health. 60 Count, Full Month Supply.



Caralluma Fimbriata is a succulent cactus used in South India to increase endurance and suppress appetite during times of famine. Caralluma is extremely effective at reducing hunger pangs and cravings that could jeopardize your weight loss goals. It can also help you maintain higher energy levels and improve your mood. It is a safe, edible plant with no associated side effects. No caffeine. No Jitters. This formula is designed to help you naturally reduce your hunger and lose weight without having to significantly change your daily routine.

How Does It Work?
Caralluma helps stop fat from being made and instead begins to turn existing fat into usable energy, which results in higher calorie burn and lean muscle formation. It turns your body into a fat burning machine by blocking carb absorption in your digestive system and suppressing your appetite to help you stay clear of unhealthy and fattening foods. Specifically, Caralluma helps block two enzymes involved in fat production in the body, “citrate lyase” and “malonyl coenzyme”. This forces the body to use current fat stores for energy production and results in rapid weight loss and improved energy levels.

All of our products are 100% safe and natural, contain zero artificial ingredients, and are manufactured in our cGMP compliant, FDA-Inspected facility here in the USA.

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