Price : $69.95
Brand : Preventix Weightloss Systems

Phase 3: Weight Loss, Weight Management 3 Pack Bundle


Phase 3 keeps the focus on the biological activity necessary to manage the effects of blood sugar on fat production and fat storage, while at the same time accelerating and maintaining fat burning. Moreover, phase 3 is designed for the long haul with the addition of G.M.V.-3 to provide the nutritional support necessary during a sustained weight loss program. Lipotropics along with Gymnema Sylvestre, Momordica Chirantia, Vanadyl Sulfate, Chromium, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Forskolin (as Forslean) are just a few of the ingredients that take control over the long term. Features & benefits • Creates a “foundation” for any weight loss program • Provides all natural, non stimulant, energy boosting • Controls head hunger • Controls appetite and curbs cravings • Increases fat mobilization and fat metabolism • Creates a feeling of fullness, reducing hunger before meals • Multi-functional products to address all phases of weight loss • Transitions nicely into a long term weight maintenance weight management program Our 3 Phase program is all science based supplementation that will significantly increase the likelihood of attaining your weight loss goals. Our program is designed to work with any diet/weight loss protocol, and our products have been used by weight loss professionals for over 20 years with great results!


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