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Optimus Green Coffee Bean Extract Formula with Clinically Studied GCA.Helps Lose Weight & Burn Fat – Pure Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplement with No Side Effects.High Concentration of CGA’s Standardized to 50% Chlorogenic Acids for Weight Control.Manufactured in a USA based FDA Approved GMP Certified Laboratory.1 Month Supply


A scientific study of green coffee bean extract by Dr Oz showed that it provides safe, gradual weight loss without more dieting or exercise – exciting news that has caused a worldwide sensation. The exact strength scientific studies recommend – 45% chlorogenic acid or more Optimus contains the percentage of the key weight-loss ingredient scientific studies recommend that the ideal green coffee bean supplement should contain. The ingredient to look for is GCA, the powerful weight-loss antioxidant in green coffee beans. Optimus was created by our GMP compliant laboratory It’s been formulated specifically to ensure that you take the right amount of green coffee extract by RDK Global, a leader in weight-loss supplements. So you can trust it to contain the percentage of GCA that the label says it does. No, it’s not an overnight weight-loss program The scientific study done by the famous physician found that people who took the recommended dose lost up to 2 pounds in 2 weeks. Yet the numbers do add up fast! You name the weight-loss goal – and Optimus can help you achieve it! Wakes up your “sleeping” or dormant fat-burning metabolism naturally. Optimus contains the safe, natural ingredient GCA. It wakes up your fat-burning metabolism gently and naturally – and transforms it into a far more active, healthier metabolism – a metabolism that’s more like the active kind that thin people have – the kind of people who never have to diet and never seem to gain weight! Works for men and women While the study by the famous American physician and television personality was conducted on women, WebMD and others are not gender specific. In other words, green coffee bean extract helps men lose weight just as effectively.


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