Nature’s Primo Green Coffee with 50% GCA Chlorogenic Acid – 100% All Natural Formula – Helps Prevents Glucose – Increases Metabolism – Reduces Fat Stored in Liver – Resulting in Clinically Proven Weight Loss – Natural Source of Energy with Only 5% Caffeine in Each Dose – Helps Reduce Appetite – Recommended By Leading Weight Loss Experts.


Nature’s Primo Green Coffee

Losing weight can be absolutely frustrating, but the advance discovery of the effects of Chorogenic Acid, or GCA, has allowed thousands of individuals to experience weight loss like they never have before. GCA hinders glucose from being released into the body, while increasing metabolism. This in return, allows fat stored in the liver to be eliminated. The combination detours fat from being absorbed, leading to weight loss. In the end, Nature’s Primo Green Coffee supplement stops fat from being stored, and jump starts the body’s metabolism.

Doesn’t Coffee Contain Caffeine?

Yes, coffee naturally contains caffeine. This supplement is 100% natural without the addition of Fillers, Binders or Additives. Therefore, in its natural state, there is caffeine in Nature’s Primo Green Coffee supplement. However, there is less than 5% Caffeine in each recommended dose, which is less than the amount of one cup of coffee.

The Scientific Facts:

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine in a clinic trial done in 2012, individuals who took Chlorogenic Acide lost an average of:

17 more pounds in a 12 week study than those that took a placebo.

• Reflecting 10% of their total body weight and

16% of body fat

This was achieved by taking an 800mg capsule of Chlorogenic acid 30 minutes before mealtime every day. It also has the ability to regulate blood sugars, while losing weight.

Nature Primo Green Coffee is produced with the highest quality as it comes from a USA manufacture. Not only are all the ingredients 100% natural, they are also presented in veggie capsules so you don’t have to worry about any Fillers, Binders, or Additives


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