Brand : Natural Factors

Natural Factors Urinary Flow (Diuretic) Capsules, 90-Count


Promotes cleansing and detoxification; helpful for relief of water retention and edema. Herbal Factors Diuretic is a superior combination of standardized herbal extracts that promote urine flow and flush away waste, reducing the puffiness of edema and gently stimulating the body’s cleansing system. Uva Ursi Extract: an effective diuretic that stimulates the kidneys, thereby increasing urine flow. Dandelion leaf: a gentle diuretic that contains enough potassium to compensate for what is lost during urination. Juniper Berry Extract: diuretic action is caused by the volatile oils, particularly terpinen-4-ol, that increase urine volume. Cranberry Extract: stimulates urination and helps flush away waste. Parsley Root Powder: an excellent diuretic, and also prevents salt from being reabsorbed by body tissues.


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