Brand : Harper-Jones Obesity Management Institute

LEVOSLIM with Advanced DualStrike Weight Loss Technology – Thermogenic & Super Fiber Weight Loss Combined (60 Capsules)


• What Is Levoslim – Levoslim Weight Loss Management offers revolutionary WEIGHT LOSS PILLS specifically formulated to address weight issues from two sides. Glucomannan is a water-soluble, dietary fiber that helps you become fuller while eating a lot less and has been clinically proven to work. The other ingredients induce Thermogenesis which boosts metabolism for faster fat-burning and reduced storage of fat in the cells so you LOSE WEIGHT FAST. • Why Use Levoslim – Taking Levoslim Weight Loss Management is much more efficient than tackling weight issues by dieting or just exercising. Both methods eventually fail over time, especially if results are slow to come. By combining Levoslim with diet and exercise or even just relying on it by itself, you are guaranteed to LOSE WEIGHT. • What Is Thermogenesis – It’s the body’s way of producing heat through the conversion of calories into energy. Thermogenesis usually happens when the body produces heat to stay warm, when digesting food, when doing physical activities or when excreting bodily wastes. By boosting the Thermogenic reaction of the body while simultaneously reducing the intake of food, Levoslim Weight Loss Management effectively burns the fat stored in the body at a faster rate, helping you finally LOSE BELLY FAT. • What Are The Benefits Of Glucomannan – Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber that acts as a sponge inside your stomach. It expands, which then makes you feel fuller much sooner, helping you LOSE WEIGHT FAST. It has also been credited in Japan for things like preventing constipation, cholesterol reduction as well as regulating sugar in the blood to help you LOSE BELLY FAT. • Is Levoslim Safe – The WEIGHT LOSS PILLS in each bottle of Levoslim Weight Loss Management are made in the USA in a GMP certified facility. Clinical trials have proven that Glucomannan and the other ingredients in this product are safe if taken in the right amounts.


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