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Lastics: A Stretch Workout Like No Other


Lastics is a technique born directly from the world of dance that will give you a stretch workout like no other, and also change the way you think about, and understand, your body. Lastics was designed by Donna Flagg, a trained dancer, to give people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels a way to improve their flexibility based on techniques dancers use to stay lean and limber. Improved flexibility results from articulating your body in ways that isolate the ends of your muscles to gently pull them in opposite directions. Unlike methods that rely on external force to push a stretch, Lastics trains your body to move internally to stretch itself. That is how dancers move the way they do and also the key to their flexibility. They move from the inside first. This is what makes Lastics so different and it is a difference you will feel immediately. In this hour-long DVD, a full body workout is broken down into four series that targets specific parts of the body crucial to creating an effective and meaningful stretch. You can do a section at a time or the entire DVD all at once. Combine the 15, 19, 14 or 9-minute segments any way you like to tailor the workout to your needs. However you decide to use it, you will enjoy a full body, comprehensive stretch that was designed to connect you to your whole body, not just parts. Also, included is a special segment dedicated to the most common mistakes and how you can correct them. You will move, perform and feel better with muscles that are longer, stronger, more supple and healthy from the inside-out and from end-to-end! * Not recommended for people with lower back bulging/herniated disc(s). ** Used DVDs are not refundable. – – – The four sections are: #1 – Stretch in Motion: 15 minutes #2 – Get Into Your Body: 19 minutes #3 – Feel the Rush: 14 minutes #4 – Body Meets Mind: 9 minutes


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