Instant Pot Paleo: 35 Pressure Cooker Recipes to Help Your Diet Book Plan (One Pot Recipes)


Are you one of those home cooks who get easily frazzled by the idea of cooking using a pressure cooker? Are you one of those who think that pressure cooking is more of a pain than a convenience, all because of your lack of kitchen experience and your Paleo diet? Let’s face it, preparing dishes using a pressure cooker can scary, intimidating and limiting.

Luckily this book will:

  • Showcase the ease of cooking Paleo dishes using a pressure cooker.
  • Learn fantastic recipes that will meet your dietary preferences or lifestyle.
  • Discover and understand that pressure cookers are versatile kitchen tools that should be your kitchen best friends.
  • And so much more

This book will help you awaken the inner Paleo chef in you. With amazing and easy to follow recipes and helpful cooking tips, you will be able to whip up healthy, Paleo-friendly and really mouthwatering starters, entrees and desserts without even breaking a sweat or shedding a single tear.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.


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