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GREEN COFFEE BEAN POWDER 100% – 2.5 Oz Lab Grade – Chlorogenic Acid Polyphenols – Green CoffeeBean – Made In The USA by Federal Ingredients – Not An Extract


Green coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds. The most important one is Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid is believed to be the main active ingredient in Green CoffeeBean Powder. That is, the substances that produces the weight loss effects. Most of the chlorogenic acid is removed when coffee is roasted and turns brown. In raw green coffee beans the chlorogenic acid is still present and active. Some human studies suggest that chlorogenic acid can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, which supports healthy blood glucose levels. Other studies (in mice and rats) have shown that chlorogenic acid can reduce body weight, reduce fat absorbed from the diet, reduce fat stored in the liver and improve the function of the fat burning hormone adiponectin. Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to support normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels in rats. These are important factors for heart health. Green coffee has been shown to inhibit weight gain in animal studies. This may be due to decreased absorption of carbohydrates from the diet, or via some other mechanism. There have been several human studies using green coffee bean. In one study, the group taking the instant coffee with green coffee bean extract lost 11.9 pounds (5.4 kg), while the group taking plain instant coffee lost only 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg). Body fat percentage also went down by 3.6% in the green coffee extract group, compared to 0.7% in the other group. Green coffee bean can help you maintain healthy body weight as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.


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