Brand : Fullbar

Fullbar Chocolate Caramel, 1.59 oz. Bars 6-Count


Delight in this classic combination of rich caramel and smooth milk chocolate. The out-of-this-world taste combines with Fullbar’s unique formula triggering your body’s fullness mechanisms so you eat less and lose weight. Delicious, nutritious, and clinically proven to help you lose weight, Fullbar with all-natural Slendesta is your solution to lose weight and keep it off. Created by a leading weight-loss surgeon, Dr. Michael A. Snyder, Fullbar offers a solution that is simple and sustainable. Simply enjoy a delicious Fullbar as a snack or before lunch and dinner with a 16-ounce glass of water to induce fullness causing you to eat less of your regular meal. Eat what you love, just less of it. It’s that simple. Eat 2 bars a day for optimal results.


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