Brand : CBT

Fenvir Advanced Antiviral 60 vegetarian capsules


FENVIRTM works by attacking the problem of cold sores from 4 different angles. It’s not really that complicated. In fact, it’s a sensible, natural process. Studies of vulnerable patient populations show that daily use of FENVIRTM’s key ingredients can significantly increase immune strength and drastically reduce reactivation rates – even in people who had little or no success with anti-virals before.
What you need is a safe, advanced, multi-factorial antiviral that overwhelms and keeps the virus perfectly sealed and subdued – rendering it incapable of doing harm to you…

You need a Super-Powerful, Super-Effective, All-Natural antiviral that aggressively halts viral reactivation, transfer and replication…thereby inhibiting outbreaks and outbreak-associated lesions – and lowering the chance of transmitting the virus to others.


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