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From the prehistoric times, the shiny Greek land, was ungrudging offering to the blessed locals of this country, perfect quality raw materials, to be able to elevate the corporeal need of human body for food, to aesthetic science and art.

Gastronomy, one of the biggest and important applied art, featuring all the great civilizations with ancient roots.

Ancient Greek cuisine, transformed into Byzantine due to some Roman ”injections” and then to modern Greek, after being collected data from Latin and Turkish subjugation ages.

Today, Greek cuisine, with the famous local specialties, remains completely the same with the one that ancient Greek writers refer to, like Herodotus, Homer, Elianos, Athinaios.

Sun still fondles with his warm sun rays the olive trees, the vine and all the other fruit and trees.

The detailed territory of Greece, the temperate climate is still giving very fine taste of the vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals.

Greek seas also, provide the country with extremely tasty fish and other large varieties of seafood.

Animals and poultry maintain the ancient original taste and flavor because they are still feeding with the old, good traditional way!

Last but not least, the best part of Greece, famous olive oil, still remains the best in quality of all the others in the world and don’t forget to say about Greek wines, with the fine taste and smooth flavor.

To all I have mentioned, add the pure hospitality and the joy of life, who the sun full Greek landscape is inspiring.

Through the paths of taste and spiciness, let yourself be guided to the utmost delight!


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