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Brand : Precise Portions

Compostable Portion Control Eco Plate – Divider Plates Made of Eco Friendly, Recyclable and Earthsafe Bamboo Natural Fiber – Set of 25 – Color: White


Precise Portions 100% Compostable, Fully Microwavable 9-inch 3-Section Starter Plates (set of 25, incl. Eat & Learn System Discs)

Throwing an outdoor party or thinking of a picnic? Instead of ordinary paper / plastic or thermoformed starter plates, use the Precise Portion 100% compostable, fully microwavable, 3-Section Nutrition Control Starter Plates.

As your guests dig into their food, the ‘Eat & Learn’ System discs that accompany our fully microwavable, 3-Section Portion Control Starter Plates will help keep their minds occupied by explaining the concept and nitty-gritty of portion control. The uninitiated will definitely applaud your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

What’s in the box?

Each box contains 25, 9-inch, fully microwaveable, 100% biodegradable Starter plates. Also included, is a set of ‘Eat & Learn’ System discs that help explain the concept – something that will be appreciated by those who are as yet unfamiliar with the concept of portion control.

The information on the Eat & Learn System discs is based on proven dietary and nutrition science and a system of improved proportions and optimized caloric intake. The Eat & Learn System discs are absolutely easy to use.

Use the Eat & Learn System discs to select your daily calorie budget, next, select a meal plan that falls within the calorie budget and then create your daily menu – absolutely easy.


-Microwave safe

-Freezer safe

-Oil and cut resistant

-Divided into 3 food group sections

-Elegantly implemented raised food group icons

-Sturdy – no buckling when full

-100% compostable

-Aids in weight control


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