Coconut Oil: Recipes for Healthier Living


Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes

In addition to adding a sweet, nutty flavor, a diet rich in coconut oil provides many health benefits. Try some of the quick and easy recipes found in this book that make it easy to add coconut oil to you daily diet. A full range of recipes can be found for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Peoples of tropical climates have used coconut and coconut oil for centuries. Coconut oil has been used for culinary, medical, and cosmetic purposes in those climates and the health benefits are well known:

• As a mean for loosing weight

• To help with diabetes control

• To help with heart conditions

• To mange cholesterol levels

• To kill certain bacteria in the gut

• To kill fungal bacteria, such as candidas

• To improves absorption of vitamins

• For tackling age related issues such as preventing hair loss, dry skin and arthritis

• To fuel your metabolism and energy levels

• To re-build weakened or damaged muscles

• Providing antioxidant properties

Coconut oil is popular in the kitchen not only because of it comes from exotic tropical lands but it is a better cooking alternative. It has a unique flavor that enhances many ingredients. It has a much higher smoke point, or burning temperature than many alternative oils like olive oil.

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