Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Your Complete Guide to Heal Inflammation, Combat Heart Disease and Eliminate Pain with 25 Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipes


Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide: Your First Step to Healing, Eliminating Pain and Slowing Aging – #1 Best Seller in Food Allergy Cooking

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet provides a solution you’ve been waiting for. The body is continuously affected by inflammation: from improper diet and toxicity in the environment to the daily stressors of life. This inflammation is contributing to all major known diseases. These diseases include cancer, arthritis, heart disease and many others. Will this interior body war never cease?

Eliminate painful inflammation and decrease your risk of developing chronic disease with the scientific understanding of the body’s interior. Look to the environment, to everyday diet decisions as the very road blocks to arrive at vibrant health and rejuvenation. Understand the ways in which the Inflammation Diet can boost your way back to enjoyable living by following the twenty-five Inflammation Diet recipes to rid toxins from the body.

Replace toxins with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. And remember, the Inflammation Diet is designed to HEAL. It rids the diet of processed, refined foods and looks to that which is found in the garden and organically on the farm. Push beyond the limitations of the world in which you currently live, and reach to something more—something that will allow you to reduce interior pain, lose weight, look and feel younger, and decrease your risk of developing chronic disease. Rid yourself of painful inflammation once and for all!

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The 6 causes of inflammation
  • Stages of Inflammation and the Healing Process
  • Guiding Principles of the Inflammation Diet
  • List of Foods that Contribute to Inflammation
  • List of Foods that Heal Inflammation
  • 25 Mouth-Watering Anti-Inflammatory Recipes


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