Brand : Life Smart Labs Inc.

ACAI SUPER CLEANSE #1 TM HIGHLY POTENT 60 capsules ANTIOXIDANT, Detox, Colon Cleanse, Weight Loss


Acai Super Cleanse #1 TM

60 Tablets of Acai Super Cleans #1 TM per bottle. This is among the BEST Acai available on the market. Not all Acai is created equally. Acai Super Cleanse #1 gives you the best of both: Highly Potent Antioxidants, Greater energy, and also great cleansing properties from its all natural herbal blend. This is a great product for nutrition, detoxification, colon cleansing, and overall well being. Acai Super Cleanse #1 is a great start by adding colon cleansing and antioxidants !

What makes Acai Super Cleanse #1 TM better than most? Diligent quality control with a carefully timed harvest (timed optimally during the ripening stage), time to market and a potent dosages

This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease or illness.

Product name is trademark protected, resale is strictly prohibited

We have not gathered any scientific evidence about the benefits of this product


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