Brand : Trusted Nutrients

Trusted Nutrients 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract: 800 mg, 360 Veggie Caps


Coffee beans as we know them start off as a green seed or bean inside a bright red berry commonly referred to as the “coffee plant “or “coffee berry”. The green beans are then roasted at very high temperatures to give them that distinct aroma and characteristic flavor we love and associate with coffee. Green coffee bean refers to the seed in its raw and unroasted form, it is then soaked in distilled water till the concentrates can be extracted to create the potent and highly recommended weight loss supplement known as green coffee bean extract. Chlorogenic acid slows down the release of excess glucose into the blood stream and also burns glucose directly; glucose or sugar is basically what the body converts to fat. When the pancreas releases insulin, it acts on the liver, converting excess glucose to fat. So the chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee bean extract can be said to burn fat directly by speeding up the rate at which the liver metabolizes it.


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