The Good Life! Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Eat, Drink, and Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle


At the core of preventing cardiovascular disease is a heart-healthy diet. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet include reduced blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, and better blood sugar regulation—all cardiac risk factors. I commend Dorothy for this tremendous work, which will undoubtedly make my work as a cardiologist easier! –EUGENIA GIANOS, MD, Assistant Professor at the NYU School of Medicine, Director of the Preventative Cardiology Fellowship Program

The Mediterranean diet is not just about food, but also about a lifestyle that has proven to be beneficial in reducing disease. Accordingly, The Good Life! Mediterranean Diet Cookbook introduces healthy and nutritious eating patterns, as well as also the day-to-day practices of the people of the Mediterranean.

Dorothy Calameris, bestselling author of The Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plans, grew up eating the Mediterranean foods of her Greek-American family long before doctors were recommending it as a heart-healthy “diet. Buttery olives, creamy yogurt, and colorful vegetables were staples of everyday meals, while roasted meats, wine, and sweets were enjoyed in moderation. Today Dorothy realizes how good life was back then and how vital it is to make the right food choices now.

With simple recipes that use affordable, easy to find ingredients, it’s easier than ever to bring the heart-healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet to your table every day of the week!

  • Stay focused with recipes that adhere to the core principles of the Mediterranean diet eating
  • Stress less by making recipes ahead of mealtime for healthy heat-and-eat options
  • Get creative when cooking for those with allergies by following tips for allergen-friendly options
  • Shop smarter with Dorothy’s advice for buying and storing Mediterranean diet essentials
  • Savor each moment as you slow down your busy life and practice the Mediterranean diet’s low-stress lifestyle


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