Brand : Teatox Life

Teatox Life: Premium Liver detox and kidney cleanse support tea bundle with dandelion root for organic flush, cleansing| USDA| Made in USA


Our 100% All Natural Organic Detox Tea is your best cleanse solution!

With a blend of 100% all natural and USDA Certified Organic ingredients that helps gently cleanse toxins from your liver without significant side effects, our detox tea is aptly named Teatox Life. Our body unlike any other machine in the world, has spare parts that are irreplaceable. We ask you to respect your body, eat healthy, use a standard regime and couple it with our liver detox tea for best results.

Our liver cleanse tea is perfectly safe for daily use. Whether you wish to consume it in the morning after you wake up or in the night prior to going to bed, our liver detox tea would work the same. There is no constraint on the time when you may consume this tea. With a strong fennel seed scent, this organic herbal cleanse tea is best served with lemon to squeeze and honey for taste. Couple our detox tea with healthy eating habits and regular exercise and you are on your way to a healthy life style already

Our herbal liver detox tea helps

• Support healthy liver function

• Promotes bile production

• Rich in anti-oxidants

• Eliminates free radical build up

• Helps improve digestion and absorption

• Restores balance in body

• Easy to drink and tastes great

Our kidney detox and bladder support herbal tea helps

• Detox Kidney

• Cleanse inner bladder walls

• Effective Antifungal and Antimicrobial properties

• Ease painful urination

• Reduce irritation in urinary tract

• Restore balance in body

• Easy to drink and tastes great

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – Try our amazing loose leaf herbal kidney detox tea and if you are not completely happy, request a refund


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