Price : $99.95
Brand : MagixLabs

OxyDetox Power – All Natural Oxygen-Based Colon Cleanser (Oxy Magnesium Powder) 180 caps by MagixLabs


OxyDetox Power is the ultimate scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen based intestinal/colon cleanser used to safely relieve bloating, gas and constipation.

OxyDetox Power is created through a non-toxic process called ozonation. Magnesium oxide is a compound formed by simply adding an oxygen molecule to magnesium. When digested, the capsule dissolves and releases monatomic, or nascent oxygen over a six to twelve-hour period throughout the entire digestive system.

This magnesium transports the oxygen through the body and has a gently loosens toxins and acidic waste from the colon, then helps transport them out of the body via elimination.

OxyDetox Power contains no harsh chemicals or herbs – unlike other laxatives and colon cleansers.

OxyDetox Power is non habit forming and safe for regular use.

OxyDetox Power has a stool softening effect. It is helpful for detoxification, increasing elimination, promoting regularity, reducing bloating or gas for a lighter and overall healthier feeling.


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