Life after Gluten: Gluten Free Recipes for Weight Loss, Healthy & Normal Eating #NOTOGLUTEN


My name is Jack Samuels and I am a passionate cook. I collected in this book a very comprehensive list of Gluten free recipes. I highly recommend them especially if you want to eat healthy and tasty in the same time. For those trying to get rid of their extra-weight, gluten free meals are a very good start point.

According to the latest surveys, 30% of Americans are currently avoiding foods that contain Gluten.

But, what is Gluten bad and why is it bad?

Gluten is a protein and it can be found in grains (wheat, rye, barley and spelt). Obviously, wheat is the most known (and used) grain. Flour is obtained from wheat, and when it is combined with water, it creates a gluey network. This network is responsible for providing bread with the ability to grow when it is baked. The chewy texture of bread is also being created by the above mentioned network.

The ‘Glu-ten’ word comes from the combination of the following words: glue tendency.

For some people Gluten is responsible for/ leads to: Celiac Disease, Gut Inflammation, increased Intestinal Permeability, Wheat Germ Agglutinin, increased vulnerability to Gut Autoimmunity, increased vulnerability to non-Celiac Autoimmune Diseases, Autoimmune Reactions in People without Celiac Disease, damage to the Gut Biome, Gastrointestinal Symptoms (even for people who don’t have Celiac Disease), brain symptoms, skin symptoms.


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