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Exercise Sliders – Gliding Discs Set Dual Surface – Sliding Discs Works In Hardwood Floors Or Carpets – Core Sliders are Ideal to Crossfit Or Cross Training – FREE AB & Full Body Workout Video Lessons


DYNAMIC SHAPE likes to differentiate and our products are an example of that.

The fitness gliders was no exception, we added anti-skidding lines for more comfort and more control when you glide, excellent feature for beginners and advanced users, now you can control the movement to isolate the muscle group that you are working without worrying about losing control of the gliders.

If you are looking for core toning exercises, push up variations or just add some toning in your legs and glutes, DYNAMIC SHAPE dual surface core sliders, are your secret weapon.

With the purchase of our DYNAMIC SHAPE exercise gliders, you will get not just the 2 sliders but we offer you too:

– Lifetime membership in our Training Camp (information in the package) – You will learn about how to use the sliding discs properly, you will learn about nutrition, and how to make an effective weekly workout, and a lots of motivation.
-Free nylon bag.
-Lifetime 100% money back guarantee.

DYNAMIC SHAPE Core sliders features:

-Anti-skidding lines.
-Made with best materials.
-Improved Balance.
-Non-impact – our glide discs or fitness plates was designed to provide a minimum impact on your tendons and joints.
-Double surface with a fabric side to glide on hard floors, and a plastic smooth side to work in carpet floors.
-Improved Stability – One main benefit of a glider is that you will greatly improve your stability after using them for a few weeks.
-Excellent addition to your home gym or to take with you to your gym workouts.
-Sport-Specific training – with the fitness gliding discs you can train to a big variety of sports like: Cross-country skiing, Skateboarding, Surf, and all the others sports that needs a bigger stability.
-Great to use while you are recovering from an injury.
-Lightweight, portable and easy to use.
-Full body workout exercises.


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