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Brand : California 90210

Achieve All Natural Weight Loss Complex Appetite Suppressant / Metabolism Booster / Fat Burner With Garcinia Cambogia + Raspberry Ketones + Green Coffee Bean Extract + Green Tea Extract


Use these weight loss pills to achieve the results you want without having to spend hours in the gym each day. Garcinia cambogia, green tea, raspberry ketone, and green coffee bean extract combine to give these pills from California Products extra potency. These weight loss supplements for women and men are all natural, and contain no magnesium stearate, no silicon dioxide, no filler – even the capsules are made from cellulose instead of a chemical compound. The ingredients combine to promote a variety of effects, such as increased metabolism, reduced appetite, the control of blood sugar levels and cholesterol. A material called HCA that exists in garcinia cambogia will keep those blood sugar levels and cholesterol in check, while Chlorogenic Acid in the green coffee bean extract can help to boost fat loss. Raspberry ketones have a number of benefits, but the main ones are to boost metabolism – which gives you a massive advantage when looking to burn belly fat and lose weight quickly. Contained within each capsule is 130 mg of green coffee bean extract, 130 mg raspberry ketones, 130 mg garcinia cambogia and 130 mg green key – with 75% catechins. Take 1-2 capsules around 30 minutes before food, make sure to take it with eight ounces of water and use these weight loss pills with a sensible diet and exercise program.


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