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Zumba Incredible Slimdown DVD System: DVD 1: Quick start: learn the basic Zumba and get movin’ 20-minute express: test your new moves with a calorie-torching, total-body workout DVD 2: Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Burst Interval: Give your dance-fitness workout an extra fat-burning kick Cardio Bursts are fun, high-energy, 30-second spurts that yield huge results DVD 3: Zumba Max: Get ready to sweat it off with this super-high-energy live class led by none other than Beto, the creator of the Zumba program DVD 4: Latin Burst: Shake it to the sounds of merengue, salsa and reggaeton Bursts help boost your results, so crank the fiesta music and let loose Sole Control Wraps: Slip ’em on over your favorite sneakers and get movin’ Sole Control Wraps increase your range of movement and allow you to slide, pivot and turn with ease Program Guide: Featuring Weekly Workout Planner, Training Zone Guide, stretches and more (digital download) Nutrition Guide: Healthy recipes and nutrition tips for maximum results (digital download) DVDs in English and Spanish


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