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Tae Bo PT 24/7 Billy Blanks DVDs set including B2 Bands & Gloves


Billy has taken his experiences of over 40 years of martial arts, his Tae Bo fitness program (the workout that sold millions of videos an revolutionized the fitness word), and his Boot Camp regime and developed the ultimate in physical training and fitness. With the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 The Ultimate Tae Bo program, within 24 hours you will ‘feel’ the results, and within 7 days you will start to ‘see’ the results.Billy Blanks PT 24/7 The Ultimate Tae Bo features Billy’s exclusive PT 24/7 gloves and balance bands, which will help maximize weight loss and get you the results you desire. The gloves and bands are designed to work as a unit to help you shed those pounds, sculpt and tone your muscles, and give you the best in cardiovascular training. All in these new, quick and effective 7 30-minute workouts.Billy will teach, motivate and inspire you to get the most out of this 7-DVD workout program. Get started – and excited – with his Basics DVD. Feel your cardio improve and help melt the fat away with Cardio and Cardio Burn DVDs. Get the ripped six-pack you are hoping for with Ripped Core DVD, which will slim your waistline and tone those abs. Boot Camp Power DVD will take you through military-style power moves to transform not only your body but your mind. Combo Split DVD will give you the best of both worlds. As you improve your cardio vascular health, you will sweat away the pounds an sculpt your body like never before. Body Blast DVD will take you to a higher level of fitness as you blast through powerful workouts that will help you to get lean, strong and looking and feeling your best. Your body will transform and you will be on the path to a stronger, more powerful and healthier you!The Billy Blanks PT 24/7 The Ultimate Tae Bo DVDs were designed by Billy to bring you a program that delivers amazing results with 30 minute workouts that are better and more fun than anything else you have ever tried.30 Day Guarantee


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