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Pure Caralluma Fimbriata Extract by B-Nergetics – BNergetics Professional Grade, Caralluma Frimbiata 1000mg Weight Loss Veggie Caps (60), #1 Belly Fat Burner, Best Weight Loss Dietary Supplement


New on Amazon! B-Nergetics Caralluma 1000mg per serving (60 Caps). MADE IN USA in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice – Constant Quality) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved facility. BRAND NEW B-NERGETICS SERIES EXCLUSIVELY ON AMAZON ONLY: 100% Natural High Quality CARALLUMA FIMBRIATA 1000mg per serving, Best Appetite Suppressant, Strongly Supports Weight Loss, Powerful Energy and Endurance Booster. NOTICE: Bottle and lid delivered could be Black or White, depending on available stock. Caralluma has recently been shown in a recent study to help suppress appetite and help reduce waist size significantly in those who take it regularly. Caralluma, made from a cactus (succulent plant) indigenous to India, has been used for years by hunters and many tribes to help them from keeping hungry during long hunts and times away from their camp. Within the last few months, however, Caralluma has been making a splash as a potent weight loss product to help those who take it decrease their appetite significantly, thus helping them lose and keep weight off. Caralluma contains a phytochemical called “pregnane glycosides”, which helps block the production of enzyme citrate lyase in the body, thus blocking the enzymes in charge of producing the fats in your body. It also blocks another enzyme involved in your body’s fat production, called “malonyl coenzyme”, which helps the Caralluma start burning the fat straight from the reserves your body stores. The main benefits of this B-Nergetics Caralluma, supports rapid weight loss and continued results, come from these blocking of the enzymes in your body, getting rid of your body’s stored fat.


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