Low Carb Coach


Do you find diets difficult to follow and diet books sometimes just too confusing to read? Well, that is a problem you will not find with the Low Carb Coach. Jason Vriends, a successful endorser of a low carb diet plan eating, found that through his journey of losing almost 120-lbs there was often a lot of science in the articles and books that he read about a high fat low carb diet, and as he read he was often left with even more questions instead of answers. He has made it his mission to make the first step, for anyone that want a a low carb diet plan, easy to understand and even easier to follow.

In Low Carb Coach: Have Your Bacon and Eat It Too you will learn about…

Low carb diet foods & eating explained, plain and simple

Some popular low carb diets and what they mean

How to get started eating low carb diet foods

How to eat out while on a low carb diet

and much more!

Low Carb Coach is your first stop on the way to a low carb diet lifestyle. What you will find in this book is a clear path to eating low carb without any science jargon, and you will be on your way to a healthier and happier you.

As much as we like to do things on our own, it never hurts to have a coach to help us get through the inevitable challenges that present themselves in our lives. What to do and what to eat on a low carb diet. Jason Vriends has stepped in to be your own personal Low Carb Coach. This book provides you with all the basics of low-carb living; what to expect when you begin this journey, and how to implement it in such a way that it’s so much more than just another diet plan that is doomed to fail—rather, it’s a permanent and healthy lifestyle change you can live with for the rest of your life!


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