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Brand : Doctors Choice®

Doctors Choice Detoxifying & Antioxidant “Fat Burning Coffee” (12 Count)


Carcinogen free roasted coffee, uber rich with 14 plant based ingredients to burn and detoxify stubborn fat cells in storage. Safe,effective and great tasting. Boosts energy and increases the benefits of a workout. Most people see results immediately or within a week just with one cup a day. Doctors’ Choice® uses the very latest breakthroughs in nutritional science. This amazing blend of natural ingredients and premium Rainforest coffee (FAIR TRADE) promotes safe carbohydrate-blocking and appetite suppression. This tasty blend is LOVED by many TEA drinkers for it’s flavor and health benefits that outweigh the benefits of tea. It’s a great coffee to have on hand during times when those ‘extra’ pounds add on, i.e., celebrations, holidays and winter months when physical activity is less. It can save you from going on the yo-yo, told you so diet later. Doctors’ Choice Coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified, Mountain Grown and or Shade Grown. Doctors’ Choice Coffee Beans are naturally processed without the use of heavy commercialized equipment. Each harvest is produced from small and handpicked batches of the finest cherry beans that have been sun ripened and open-air dried. Doctors’ Choice Lifestyle Blends are all natural, have organic ingredients and are manufactured in as ISO certified, Kosher regulated and Allergen-free facility. Doctors’ Choice comes in Recyclable #5 Eco Single Serve KCups. We practice ethical business trade through what is known as Direct Trade, a standard by which many small farming communities can benefit far more than by receiving just a fair wage. After these incredible and highly awarded beans arrive into the US from Panama, they go through our proprietary manufacturing process. After a unique low heat roasting process (which does not damage the inherent benefits of the bean as traditional roasting does), our beans are ready for mixing with superior nutraceutical grade ingredients to produce healthy unique blends.


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